Forties Bravo bespoke build to replace exterior fridge unit

Client: Entier/Apache

Rig: Forties Bravo

Area: UK

Date completed: 29-09-12


Project introduction:

Apache/Entier required the design & supply of a new DNV 2.7-1 cold store for the Forties Bravo platform.  This was to be implemented with personnel ease of use and safety in mind and minimal disruption to normal platform activities whilst being a cost effective solution. Initial research identified constraints due to duct work from the gallery area plus height restrictions for a standard sized unit with the existing store having been built in situ.


Reftrade UK Solution:

 A bespoke DNV 2.7-1 8ft x 5ft x 7.3ft container was manufactured to fit into the existing location that would maintain as much internal operational volume as possible.  Due to the height restrictions the container was designed with a maximum height of 7.3ft, the pad-eyes  were designed to be recessed into the corner posts ensuring the maximum internal head height was achievable. It was essential that the refrigeration equipment required was as small as possible so a transport style unit was selected consisting of a 110v single phase slim line evaporator and an externally mounted condenser unit. The unit was installed with a 4ft light which exceeded the HSE guidelines for lighting levels. Due to restricted head height the light was mounted vertically in a corner of the unit to allow the best dispersion of light.


Client testimonial: The client feedback has been positive with regards to the overall build and operation of the unit, and we have subsequently been awarded the contract to build the new cold store for the Forties Alpha platform.  This project was delivered on time, in budget and with no safety incidents.


“I was very impressed with the recent service I received from Reftrade UK.  Having provided them with dimensions, requirements and power supplies needed, they presented me with accurate drawings, a good lead time and the unit fitted perfectly to the specifications promised.”

Alan Proctor, Maintenance Manager, Entiér Limited



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