Reftrade is responsible for the delivery, installation and getting the refrigerator / freezer container at the desired location. All this is provided at cost.

Ready to Go

Reftrade supplies the refrigerator / freezer container, ready to plug in you. You certainly do not hesitate to contact us for any specific questions regarding your connection.

24-hour service

For quick remedy any malfunctions, Reftrade Rental has its own 24-hour service. The service contract is included in the lease.

Flexible temperatures

Koel-/vriesmachines All are equipped with a machine that can both cool and can freeze, change the setting is suffi cient. The temperature range, from 22 ° C to -22 ° C and even -35 ° C for the Thermo King equipment.


Our (Maxi-) Special refrigerated / freezer containers and our (Super-/Maxi-) volume units comply with the strict European standards on hygiene and HACCP (food) safety.

100% Safety

The doors of our (Maxi-) Special refrigerated / freezer containers and our (Super-/Maxi) Volume units are equipped with a security hole that opening the door (s) from the inside at all times allows 100% safety.