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Why Rent?

Why Rent?

REFTRADE UK offers flexibility to the market place
With rental from 1 day to a long term lease, Reftrade UK can accommodate varied financial terms.
This, encompassed with a trustworthy and professional service, can make renting the best option avaliable.

Renting may be your perfect solution.

Reduce down time: if you have any faults with the equipment then it can be quickly replaced, reducing the disruption to operations.

Performance guaranteed: Rental equipment comes with a worry-free guarantee assuring you that equipment will be serviced and properly maintained.

Conserve capital: Rent the equipment you need, only when you need it, and use your capital for other, potentially more company beneficial ventures.

Tax deductable: All rental payments are tax deductible so no need to add them to the balance sheet.

Fixed monthly costs:   With renting equipment you know exactly what the costs are allowing you to easily create cash flow forecasts and improve on your bottom line.

Support when you need it:  When renting from Reftrade UK you have the assurance of a 24-hour service to remedy any faults.